Introduction to Taoist Longevity Breathing

Next Intro class:

Saturday 19th February 2011, 3-5pm

I will also teach a next level, follow-on class on
Sunday 20th February 2011, 3-5pm

Location for all events: Hampstead, NW3, London
Cost per event: £10

“The purpose of Taoist Longevity Breathing is to create relaxed, circular, whole-body breathing. This means Taoist Longevity Breathing can be done 24 hours a day, throughout the day, recharging your system and helping you feel more alive in every moment.” –Bruce Frantzis

Come and spend the afternoon discovering for yourself the benefits of breathing well. These include –
– improved oxygenation of the blood and circulation of all fluids in the body;
– improved functionality of organs and all physical processes;
– relief from back and neck tension and pain;
– stress reduction;
– greater ability to move smoothly through emotional challenges

During the afternoon you will:

  • Learn about the effects of good breathing on your body, mind, and emotions.
  • Become more aware of your breathing patterns, noticing when your breath is very shallow or held, and where it feels stuck.
  • Find out about Taoist Longevity Breathing and how it differs from other breathing systems.
  • Learn techniques to help you breathe deeply, smoothly, and continuously in and out of the belly (like a baby).
  • Discover your diaphragm. Find out about ‘frozen diaphragm syndrome’. Learn how to feel your diaphragm and get it moving more freely.
  • Learn a simple Tao Yoga practise to improve your breathing and help release blockages in the belly and diaphragm.
  • Learn how to recognise tension in your nervous system and how to relax it with your breath.
  • Discover the immediate benefits of breathing well, and learn about the longer term effects of continued practise.

I have found that practising Taoist Longevity Breathing is not only very good for my health and wellbeing, but is also very helpful for staying present, particularly in challenging situations, and when in communication with others. So I will also include some moving exercises and partner exercises to practise breathing in these different situations.

Read about my experience with this breathing system: The Joy of Breath

For more information about Taoist Longevity Breathing go to:
(Here you can also download a free introductory Breathing Guide.)

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