On this page I am going to collect some of my favourite people, projects, organisations and resources. I’ve made a start, but its very much a work in progress……


Technology and Design
Fairphone – a new ethical phone to be launched late 2013. Lets hope they do a laptop next!

Eco Projects and Organisations (my friend Patricio Pilco’s project in the Andes of Ecuador)

Money and Economy
Ethical Consumer – ethical and environmental ratings for consumer products
The Economics of Happiness
and trailor for the film:
Sacred Economics
Living Economies Forum
a site for lending and borrowing money without having to go to the bank
Ripple – could potentially transform the way money moves around. Bypassing the banks.
Next Economy
selection of articles on the new economy on “”




Thrive – watch the movie and check out the website with loads of resources and suggestions for taking action

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