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Envisioning the future during COVID19 lockdown.

In this essay I am going to imagine what our world would be like, if the systems we create, and our actions were based on the understandings of Quantum physics, evolutionary biology and epigenetics, indigenous wisdom, and interspecies communication, (the topics of this module of the course).

I believe we are in the midst of the transition to this world, and that the current Coronavirus pandemic lockdown is an acceleration of this transition. It is clearly showing how we are all connected, and that cooperation is needed to respond to the situation.

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Alone in Nature

This is the second post in the Quantum Botanicals series.
This was the assignment:

Find a natural place, away from the sounds, smells and signs of human habitation and sit on the earth for one or more hours, without bringing activities, such as a book. Take off your shoes and sink them into the soil. If it rains, let it rain. Feel the nature around you; observe but in a relaxed way, as one enjoys the sunset. Simply be present in nature. Imagine that it is only you and nature; that nature is your company and the source for all that you need to survive. Feel what your relationship with nature is in these new circumstances. What is the most important to you in these new circumstances. What would you need to know to survive, and how would you go about accomplishing this? How would nature be there to support you?

Secret valley

I walk down to a part of the land we call “The Secret Valley”, an steep sided partly-wooded valley that we are allowing to regenerate naturally. It is the domain of the wild boar, the genet, and other creatures.

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Why is medicine stuck in matter?

In February of this year (2020) I began a professional diploma course in “Quantum Botanicals”. The course brings together science and spirituality to provide a foundation for an exploration of vibrational medicine, particularly flower and vibrational essences. I started making essences two years ago and the course is taking me deeper into this fascinating journey of plant communication, quantum physics, the nature of consciousness and the mind, and vibrational medicine.

I decided to re-activate this blog by posting some of my assignments from the course. This is the first of these posts.

As I explored the material of this first Lesson, I kept being struck by how our current medical system is so entrenched in an outdated physics based on Newtonian concepts of an objective world of separate things made of matter.

So in this assignment I will go on a journey to consider this question from various perspectives, propose some reasons for it, and look at how it can become unstuck.

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Ten days ago my Dad passed away. He was not very well, but the death came unexpected. He was 75.

I have felt grief and deep pangs of loss; of missing the familiar presence of his large physical form, even though it had been an uncomfortable dwelling place for a number of years. But what has surprised me is how this experience of death has been so rich with gifts. It has felt like an enormous cleansing wave of energy, bringing much heart opening and light, connection, and deep deep gratitude and love. Continue reading

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2013 – year of transformation and manifestation

This year is showing itself to be a big juicy exciting one in my world. Projects and ideas that for years have been slowly forming in my mind and heart are now becoming firm realities on the material plane.

I started this blog nearly four years ago, as a way to start sharing my passions, and finding expression for how I see the world. I wrote in my Welcome post:

Eventually, I envisage PoP becoming involved in the realisation of actual projects, by bringing together sources of funding, expertise and creative ideas. So this blog is also a work in progress and journey of discovery towards that. Continue reading

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You are powerful

I read in a newspaper recently that the UK government is committing to spend another 160 billion pounds on military hardware, machinery for wars and death.

This provoked me to write about a few things regarding our relationship to our current economic and political systems and their unending support of violence. Whether it be the manufacture of weaponry, the destruction of ecosystems, the exploitation of vulnerable people, or the polluting of the planet, it seems that those that destroy, pollute and kill are the ones that are most rewarded and valued in our current system.

Conversely, those who are involved in the well-being of people and planet, are often struggling financially and reliant on donations.

I want to question my, and your, relation to this situation. Continue reading

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A few days ago I spent the whole day in what will become my local village.

Since 2006 there has been a  project ongoing here, called Centro de Convergência (Convergence Centre), initiated by GAIA a portuguese environmental NGO. They describe the project as follows:

“Centro de Convergência is, above all, a unique working methodology aimed at bringing dynamics to a rural area, by hosting projects from different fields (environment, sociology, art and culture, research, permaculture…). While sharing a common space, people from different backgrounds can create new ideas, concepts and solutions. All projects have a strong relation with local population.” Continue reading

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At last I have taken the big leap and made an offer to buy some land. 34 hectares in the hills of rural south-west Portugal.

There is an abandoned orchard and vegetable garden in the main valley, lots of cork oak forest, including a lot of fairly recent planting. Lots of olive groves. Some eucalyptus. Some steep slopes of worn out land with hardly any soil, growing mainly cistus shrubs with a few olives and young oaks. There are huge areas covered in brambles. There is a well, a water tank, a ruined house, and another small ruin near the well. It feels vast and exciting. I am happy walking around there for hours, discovering more and more. Continue reading

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Onward into 2012, my plans for community

After a long break I am excited to be back here on my blog and posting again….

Over the past 6 months I have been looking at moving to Portugal, and have spent a couple of months there. I wish to buy land, grow food, plant trees, have fun building healthy, functional and beautiful dwellings, and experiment with clean sources of energy. But most importantly, to create a space for people to come together, to support each other in letting go of our tired old stories of limitation. A place for exploring connection and intimacy between human beings, and also between humans and other living beings, the entire natural world of plants and elements, and the wider universe. A place for slowing down and observing, breathing, sensing, opening to life. Continue reading

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The News

News programmes start with dramatic music and an air of seriousness. The message is that the world is a bad, dangerous place, so you need a government, a big army, and strong-armed police force to stop the terrorists, rapists, child molesters, murderers etc away from your door. The nature of reality is struggle, pain, war, fighting, drama. This is interspersed with gossip and opinion to keep people diverted from thinking too deeply, or feeling too much. We seem to be addicted to drama and suffering, that’s what sells the newspapers and keeps people glued to TV screens. It is accepted as normal. Continue reading

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