Creating a new economic reality…… (your participation is requested)

I have been predicting a global financial collapse since I was at school. I remember learning about both population growth, and world resources and how they are used, and came to the obvious conclusion that a system that relies on ever-increasing consumption of finite resources, by growing numbers of people, was clearly doomed. And that’s without knowing anything about our debt-based economy.

Many years on, it seems like we are always on the brink of total economic meltdown. But governments keep on pumping more hot air into the bloated system as it teeters and stumbles along leaving a trail of destruction and gigantic mountains of debt. They throw out news of ‘economic recovery’, but with the US economy in more debt than ever ($14 trillion as of end of last year) this ‘recovery’ sounds completely absurd. Continue reading

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More on education

Whilst browsing through the newspaper yesterday, I came across a few things related to university education. In the UK its a hot topic at the moment, with students protesting about higher fees. I read that there are also plans to reduce the number of places available.

I get the point of the protesters – that these plans seem to discourage young people, and particularly the less wealthy, from embarking on higher education. But maybe its also an opportunity to open up and question the value of a university education and if it’s really worthwhile? Continue reading

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We don’t need no education ….?

I’ve been doing some research lately on the topic of education. I am not a big fan of mainstream education systems, and the whole culture of school, although from what I see, there are kids who are fine and can thrive wherever you put them. They are able to maintain their own inate intelligence and self-worth. However I think these kids are the minority.

The whole idea of education needs to be looked at and questioned as we move forward into a more intelligent way of living on the planet. It needs to reflect new priorities, to treat children as intelligent human beings, and listen to what they have to say about their own education and about the world they inhabit. Continue reading

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Introduction to Taoist Longevity Breathing

Next Intro class:

Saturday 19th February 2011, 3-5pm

I will also teach a next level, follow-on class on
Sunday 20th February 2011, 3-5pm

Location for all events: Hampstead, NW3, London
Cost per event: £10

“The purpose of Taoist Longevity Breathing is to create relaxed, circular, whole-body breathing. This means Taoist Longevity Breathing can be done 24 hours a day, throughout the day, recharging your system and helping you feel more alive in every moment.” –Bruce Frantzis Continue reading

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A search engine that saves rainforest

I’ve been using Ecosia for a little while and it works well. They give 80% of advertising profit to save Amazon rainforest. This sounds like a good thing in itself, but what is even more interesting is how it might effect other companies such as Google if it becomes popular. By choosing to use products from companies that are taking a balanced approach to business, we are sending a message to the big guys that suddenly look very unevolved and uncool in comparison. Check it out…..

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Ecosystem Economics

Whilst browsing through a newspaper the other day, looking for something interesting amidst the political drama and social gloom, I was excited to discover a double page spread on the TEEB report.

TEEB stands for The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity, and the report is the result of a global study on the subject, being presented at a big conference on Biodiversity, currently taking place in Japan.

It seems that at long last, more people are recognising the value of the planet which supports them. The fact is that unless corporations and governments recognise the financial value of biodiverse ecosystems, any moves towards more responsible and sustainable approaches to business will almost always be pushed aside in the pursuit of more monetary profit. Continue reading

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The Joy of Breath

Often it is the simplest and most obvious things that can make the biggest difference to life, but which are often overlooked or ignored. Good breathing is one such thing. It always sounded like a good thing to do, but until my recent 3-week training in Taoist Longevity Breathing, I had no idea how powerfully transformative it can be.

Of course I have been breathing since I was born, and although I probably breathed well as a baby, somewhere along the way I forgot how, or more accurately, my body became more closed and tense, and I became more disconnected from it.

Continue reading

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A ramble about the bramble

My blog has fallen into a long sleep over the summer. There are a few posts cooking that I have started, but the energy to finish them has not yet arrived. So I am changing my strategy and am going to start freeing up my creative juice by writing random posts about whatever comes to mind. And right now, blackberries are feeling pretty juicy to me. Continue reading

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Amazonian Oil Exploitation – update

This seems to be good news….. I wrote about this initiative in my earlier post on this subject, and it seemed back then that it had ground to a halt. So I am happy to see that it is moving ahead. I hope it will not be restricted to this one part of the Amazon but set a precedent for ceasing oil drilling throughout the Amazon, and other delicate ecosystems on the planet. In fact, I hope it is a first sign that oil drilling is no longer perceived as a viable activity and that we can get on with focusing on other cleaner sources of energy.

Continue reading

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Oil Spill

I believe that any event or experience has many potential meanings, nothing is intrinsically good or bad. I also sense an infinite number of possible timelines leading from each moment, and that my interpretation and response to whatever that moment is presenting has an effect on the outcome. Something as powerful as the Gulf Oil Spill, has a huge impact. Whether this impact is catastrophic or not is up to all of us. Continue reading

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