Buckminster Fuller

Buckminster Fuller is one of my design heroes, and a true visionary with the guiding principle… “to make the world work for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation without ecological offense or disadvantage of anyone.”

His creative legacy can clearly be seen in the annual Buckminster Fuller Challenge. Here is a nice article about it, and about Buckminster himself http://uspolitics.einnews.com/article/871391-hang-on-planet-earth-help-is-on-the-way


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Eckhart Tolle on the collapse of the economy

In this short video, Eckhart gives a very clear perspective on the collapse of our existing systems…….

The Current Economy

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Musings on planes, volcanoes and the future of transport

Over the past few days, whilst enjoying the sunshine on Hampstead Heath, I have been very aware of the sheer number planes crossing the sky, and their loud intrusive roar.

For five days or so last week, London was blessed with silent skies. A wondrous stillness was apparent from the lack of activity up there, that filled me with joy. Its not until all that noise stops that one realises the impact of it. And its not just the noise, it’s the whole energy of the planes and of air travel as we currently put up with it. The huge airports, the pollution, the extreme busyness up there, and the general sense of the overwhelming need to be somewhere else, fast. Continue reading

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Water stress

This topic has sparked some energy in me, and I have been revisiting some sites and resources that I came across 2 years ago when I did a Permaculture Design Course in Nicaragua, and some reading that I have since done.
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Amazonian oil exploitation

For anyone who saw Avatar recently….. here is a closer to home version of that story…..
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Water and shifting reality

Last night, whilst soaking in the bath, I began reflecting on the issue of water. I had watched a trailer for “Tapped” a movie about bottled water, and its impact on the planet. It is a topic that I have been aware of for some time and which I feel an engagement with. A few years ago I was in Brasil Continue reading
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Idealism, realism, money and love

I recently attended a one-day vision summit in Berlin on the subject of microfinance, social business, and social entrepreneurship.

I am not a banker, an economist or a businesswoman but I have an interest in these topics, as it seems that in this realm of activity exciting solutions are emerging that address, with intelligence, some of the world’s thorniest problems; poverty, pollution, inequality, environmental degredation etc. People such as Mohammad Yunus (who spoke at the conference) are re-envisioning the reality in which we live and acting on that vision. Big ambitious aims such as eradicating poverty are gradually being realised in a quiet, practical manner, one bit at a time. This is where idealism and realism meet. Continue reading

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Planet of Possibilities is a place for dreaming and envisioning, but also for sharing good ideas, and for practical, grounded action……. Continue reading

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