Water stress

This topic has sparked some energy in me, and I have been revisiting some sites and resources that I came across 2 years ago when I did a Permaculture Design Course in Nicaragua, and some reading that I have since done.
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Amazonian oil exploitation

For anyone who saw Avatar recently….. here is a closer to home version of that story…..
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Water and shifting reality

Last night, whilst soaking in the bath, I began reflecting on the issue of water. I had watched a trailer for “Tapped” a movie about bottled water, and its impact on the planet. It is a topic that I have been aware of for some time and which I feel an engagement with. A few years ago I was in Brasil Continue reading
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Idealism, realism, money and love

I recently attended a one-day vision summit in Berlin on the subject of microfinance, social business, and social entrepreneurship.

I am not a banker, an economist or a businesswoman but I have an interest in these topics, as it seems that in this realm of activity exciting solutions are emerging that address, with intelligence, some of the world’s thorniest problems; poverty, pollution, inequality, environmental degredation etc. People such as Mohammad Yunus (who spoke at the conference) are re-envisioning the reality in which we live and acting on that vision. Big ambitious aims such as eradicating poverty are gradually being realised in a quiet, practical manner, one bit at a time. This is where idealism and realism meet. Continue reading

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Planet of Possibilities is a place for dreaming and envisioning, but also for sharing good ideas, and for practical, grounded action……. Continue reading

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