Planet of Possibilities is a place for dreaming and envisioning, but also for sharing good ideas, and for practical, grounded action…….

When I look at the world, I see a huge amount of energy and effort bound up in trying to sustain the current systems and ways of doing things…… and to maintain some sense that things are under control. (A perfect example is the global financial system). Along with this there is a lot of confusion and fear of change.  I wonder how it would be if all that energy was released, and we allow these outmoded and disfunctional systems to fall apart. This vast amount of energy and resources could then be put towards creative and fresh approaches to our current challenges.

The mess we are in is getting harder to avoid, although the majority is still being lulled into complacency by mindless TV and media nonsense. But even though things look pretty bad, its an exciting time. There is so much potential for change. And for change to happen, we need to take responsibility for our world, and our lives. Not as a heavy burden of responsibility, but as an opportunity for joyful participation in creating the world in which we want to live. This sense of responsibility comes from the recognition that we are not separate from the world, and that we are the originators of our experience.

It’s certainly a lot more fun to let go of a perception of reality based on fixed structures and stories of limitation and instead see this planet as one of vast potential, of constant change, where things are more fluid, and beautiful magic can happen. So this is a journey from fear, struggle and helplessness to excitement, empowerment and engaged action. I will be writing more about my own journey with this in another post.

I will also be writing about some of the good ideas already out there: alternatives to current financial, business, and social paradigms that are already being created at ground level, and which can replace the old ones when they eventually collapse or slowly disintegrate: exciting new technologies that can provide us with clean and healthy energy supplies, water, transportation, and food; useful strategies for the regeneration of land and preservation of ecosystems; alternatives to the current sickly healthcare systems…. and anything else that captures my imagination.

I will also be gathering together many interesting links to websites, videos, and books on these topics.

Eventually, I envisage PoP becoming involved in the realisation of actual projects, by bringing together sources of funding, expertise and creative ideas. So this blog is also a work in progress and journey of discovery towards that.

I hope that this website will become a lively place where people can come together and share their ideas, so I welcome your input and feedback.

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