Amazonian oil exploitation

For anyone who saw Avatar recently….. here is a closer to home version of that story…..
I have been following this story for a while …. the Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa had come up with a proposal that the international community pay Ecuador to keep the oil in the ground under the Yasuni National Park. There had been support from many countries for this proposal. However now it seems that this is on rocky ground and they may go ahead and commence oil drilling in one area of the park. You can check out the latest news on the blog
I feel passionate about this topic, I have friends in Ecuador and have heard first hand accounts of the mess that has already been made in other parts of the country. I was excited about an alternative proposal that was based on more long-term thinking, prioritising the forest and its people, and recognising their value.
To find out more about the impact of oil extraction in the Amazon, and the legal battle with Texaco/Chevron to take responsibility for the mess in Ecuador, I suggest going to Amazon Watch
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