Why is medicine stuck in matter?

In February of this year (2020) I began a professional diploma course in “Quantum Botanicals”. The course brings together science and spirituality to provide a foundation for an exploration of vibrational medicine, particularly flower and vibrational essences. I started making essences two years ago and the course is taking me deeper into this fascinating journey of plant communication, quantum physics, the nature of consciousness and the mind, and vibrational medicine.

I decided to re-activate this blog by posting some of my assignments from the course. This is the first of these posts.

As I explored the material of this first Lesson, I kept being struck by how our current medical system is so entrenched in an outdated physics based on Newtonian concepts of an objective world of separate things made of matter.

So in this assignment I will go on a journey to consider this question from various perspectives, propose some reasons for it, and look at how it can become unstuck.

The discovery of Quantum physics could be seen as a evolution from the Newtonian focus on ever smaller pieces of matter. As scientists developed tools to look at electrons, and photons, they discovered that matter does not actually exist, only space. This space that is everywhere is full of an infinite amount of vibrating energy and only appears to exist, thus rendering the Newtonian view obsolete.

So why does current mainstream medicine still deny even the relevance of treatments that address disease at the level of energy?

One key reason is the nature of the scientific method itself, as it is itself based on an objective reality that assumes all beings experience the same world – ‘out there’. Because of this basic presupposition, mainstream science has difficulty with ideas that promote the subjective nature of experience, that bring the role of individual observer to the fore. The famous double-slit experiment which showed the fundamental role of the observer in the creation of the reality that is experienced, has created a problem for scientists locked into the notion of an objective reality, and this problem has still not been resolved in mainstream scientific thought and medical research.

The tendency of Newtonian-based science to focus on separate parts, to divide everything into smaller pieces, including science itself, has resulted in many separate and narrow areas of focus and specialism within medicine. This has led to many discoveries, but in the process the ability to see the whole, to see how everything is interconnected has been lost.

The role of scientific journals, and the requirement for peer-review, although it clearly has a useful function, has also become a huge limitation to the evolution of thought, when any ‘non-consenting to objective reality’ viewpoints are silenced and even ridiculed.

Just like the words of Jesus were turned into a religion in service of political power, science too has become a religion. Newton and other notable scientists are just people with ideas about the nature of the world. But their ideas have been turned into dogma “the only valid view” and supported by the scientific journals, state, media, financial system, and corporate interests.

When we take a broader holistic view of this question, it is clear that the state of the current medical system is a symptom of a global system which includes political, economic, religious and legal power structures that are all part of a worldview that at its root is based on the belief in separation. from nature, and the belief that human’s are superior and can control and dominate nature. This worldview goes back a few thousand years in Western culture, and aligns with the belief in a single male god, and that human’s are separate from and superior to nature, and need to dominate and control it. This worldview is patriarchal and paternalistic. It fears (and therefore attempts to control or deny) chaos, the feminine, the indigenous, the unknown.

Even though scientists often disavow the existence of God and do not think of themselves as religious, they are blind to how their own belief system is formed out of a religious worldview.

This topic has been explored by Rupert Sheldrake in his book the Science Delusion.

(It is interesting that Eastern traditions that still have medical systems such as Ayurveda and TCM that honour the energetic, cosmic and other unseen forces, were never cultures with a belief in this single male god. They had plenty of goddesses too, and respected and revered the earth itself.)

There is a sense of safety and security in the notion of a shared objective reality, and safety and security are hard for people to let go of.

For medical science to shift fully into a new paradigm, the scientists and doctors themselves would need to shift their consciousness and let go their clinging to the idea of objective reality (their equivalent to the one god ‘big daddy in the sky’), and realise their own power as creators. The problem with this is that the awareness that your own consciousness is creating your experience, brings with it responsibility. You can no longer blame others, or God, or science for what happens. On the other hand it requires humility and a stepping back into nature, and into our unity with all of life.

As I write this, I acknowledge that I am also playing a part in the persistence of this world stuck in matter, as it is part of my reality. This leads me to look within and see where I am still influenced by this worldview, the simple reality of my childhood where things were solid, where parents and other adults were rightly taking care of things, teachers knew the answers to all the questions about the world, and doctors knew how to cure people. I carry in my DNA generations of ancestors locked into the myth of a superior higher power who will take care of me if I behave correctly.

So on one level the answer to the question “Why is medicine stuck in matter?” is, “because I am choosing a version of the world where that exists”. I can also question the question itself, and come to the conclusion that it is not stuck at all. It is evolving as I am evolving, and writing this assignment is part of that unfolding. Bringing the question back to myself helps me have more understanding of the state of things, removes judgement, and brings clarity as to why this reality seems so persistent. By doing this I change my frequency and shift my focus to create a new fractal progression, that feels more exciting, and full of incredible potential.

A growing number of scientists and medical professionals have also made this shift and are leading the way into a new era of medicine and healing. This new era is one where empirical experience and intuitive knowing are valued, and it is recognised that all healing is self-healing, that can be supported by various modalities or medicines.

I do believe we are (or I am ) on the verge of the tipping point after which the Newtonian view of an objective mechanistic universe will be untenable, as will the single saviour god, and all the rest of the structures that are built on this core belief in separation.

This huge shift in consciousness can be seen as a move through time from one ‘level’ to another of a higher frequency. However I am also aware that time is an illusion and past and future exist now, simultaneously. So all the knowledge of past and future scientists exists now, if we could expand our consciousness enough to tap into this knowledge. Many shamans and healers throughout history have been able to do this to some extent.

My own view is similar to the ‘many worlds interpretation’ of Quantum mechanics, that all possible realities exist simultaneously in an infinite multiverse of parallel universes. So the mainstream scientists are still living in a Newtonian world, and others of us live in a quantum universe, and the un-contacted indigenous tribe in the Amazon is in a completely different one. In fact each of us are living in our own self-created version of reality, together.

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