Envisioning the future during COVID19 lockdown.

In this essay I am going to imagine what our world would be like, if the systems we create, and our actions were based on the understandings of Quantum physics, evolutionary biology and epigenetics, indigenous wisdom, and interspecies communication, (the topics of this module of the course).

I believe we are in the midst of the transition to this world, and that the current Coronavirus pandemic lockdown is an acceleration of this transition. It is clearly showing how we are all connected, and that cooperation is needed to respond to the situation.

I am fascinated about how the understanding of everything being vibrational frequencies can help us understand this virus, and other illnesses. It could be that the virus is a physical manifestation of an energetic virus of selfishness that has been infecting the human race. In some indigenous cultures this is known as Wetiko.

The fact that this virus is now manifesting physically is a positive sign, as in energetic medicine physical symptoms are regarded as the body clearing deeper issues. So one perspective on the coronavirus is that it is an opportunity for humanity on an individual and collective level to clear this Wetiko from our systems, so we are no longer held in its thrall. In the process we may not like what we see, as the shadow side of the humanity is exposed.

I like this communication with the virus by an experienced Interspecies Communicator:

We are the cleaners. People call us parasites, but we are equalizers or restorers of harmony.

( https://www.animaltalk.net/The-Animal-Communicator-Blog/files/8bd4669c918d040b2fcf908a4fa32632-58.html)

The first fundamental premise of this future world is that we no longer see ourselves as separate from nature, (or anything in the universe) and that it is not our role to dominate and exploit nature.

I also see that in this future world communication with plants and animals gradually becomes an ability that all humans have. Once we see all other beings as living consciousnesses, and ones we can even ‘talk’ to, it will be hard to carry on exploiting them. I envisage a renewed celebration and reverence of the beauty of nature and its many healing properties and other gifts, and wonder and joy at the communication with our plant allies.

We will have a chance to relearn what our true role is in relation to other species, and the wisdom of indigenous peoples can help us with this. I do not think this means “going back in time” so we all become hunters and gatherers. We do not have to throw all technological evolution in the bin. It is more about developing technologies that not only do no harm, but contribute in a positive way to life on earth.

I see us embracing the ideas of Biomimicry to design systems, places to live, and tools to use that are informed by the intelligence of nature. A world where we no longer produce shocking amounts of waste, as everything is designed within the principles of a circular economy. The biological waste from our kitchens and from our toilets can be composted, and used to kickstart the biology of dead soils.

Our legal system will align with this with the creation of a Law of Ecocide – something that is already being worked on by a dedicated team – and a return to Earth Law that is aligned with natural law.

The way that food is grown would need to adjust to this reality. No more intensive, chemical and fossil fuel driven agriculture. We would transition to a patchwork of localised intensive permaculture food forests, supplemented with spirulina production facilities and rooftop gardens in towns and cities. In the oceans, we would have kelp farming, which not only provides nutritious food for humans, but helps restore the health of the seas.

Humans can accelerate the regeneration of the earth with regenerative farming practises, which in many ecosystems can build healthy soils and biodiverse plants cultures quicker than if we leave them alone.

In the future humans will be integrated back into their landscapes and become actors within them, rather than viewing nature as a pretty backdrop for leisure activities. This is how indigenous peoples lived for thousands of years. Many places that European settlers regarded as wildernesses, untouched by human feet, were actually ecosystems that evolved through long term stewardship by humans, using methods such as fire-setting, seed collection and dispersal, pruning, digging, and hunting.¹

Where I live in Portugal this is the experiment that we are embarking on – to discover our function in the ecosystem, and it is a deeply rewarding and humbling one, with many ‘nature lessons’. We have a unique role to play as we can plan for the future, and our large brains have immense capacity for creative thinking and invention. (We just have not been using these talents very well).

Modern technologies could be still involved in agriculture, if they do not create harm. For example, rather than GMO seeds, farmers can turn to epigenetic plant research for seeds that can be adapted to the degraded land, nutrient-poor soils and unbalanced climactic conditions as we start on the path to global regeneration. Plant epigenetics is already a growing field of research –

” By naturally modifying plant gene expression without altering the genome, epigenetic processes could provide farmers better yields, higher quality food, and more stress tolerant crops.” (https://www.whatisepigenetics.com/could-epigenetics-help-feed-the-world/2/)

I envision that epigenetics will also play a much bigger role in our health system, with a shift from the Darwinian evolutionary idea of the primacy of genes, to the newer biology of how the genes can be switched on and off by environmental triggers, as expounded by Dr Bruce Lipton.

For example, I came across this article about how an epigenetic diet could help boost defences against SARS-CoV-2: https://www.whatisepigenetics.com/bolstering-your-defenses-against-covid-19-an-epigenetic-diet/

Another fundamental factor in the journey towards establishing and maintaining our health and that of the planet, is the recognition that the health of soil, the health of plants and the health of animals and people are inextricably connected. As Vandana Shiva says:

We need to shift away from a reductionist, mechanistic, militaristic paradigm based on separation from and colonization of the Earth, other species and our bodies, which has contributed to the current health crisis, to systems like Ayurveda- the science of life. Systems which recognize that we are part of the Earth’s living web of life. That our bodies are complex self-organised living systems. That we have the potential to be healthy or sick depending on our environment and the food we grow and eat.  That a healthy gut is an ecosystem and is the basis of health. Health depends on healthy food (Annam Sarva Aushadhi – Good food is the medicine for all diseases). Health is harmony and balance.

Indigenous health systems and knowledge systems that are based on interconnectedness need to be recognized and rejuvenated, especially in current times of the health emergency we face.

Health is a continuum, from the Soil, to the Plants, to our gut microbiome.²

The shift into a wider acceptance of the role of environment in our physical and psychological health, will also lead to changes in how conception, pregnancy, childbirth and early childhood are regarded within the medical mainstream, and amongst parents. As a result, future generations grow up to be more physically resilient, and happier.

This world no longer treats psychological and psychiatric symptoms with cocktails of drugs, and moves its focus to healing the whole person and their environment, supported with psychoactive plant medicines where needed. Gradually as consciousness shifts from separation to connection, our culture will reflect this, and isolation from each other and the rest of life on the planet will no longer be such a common experience.

In this world, we return to the wisdom of plants for our medicines, recognising them as our allies for both material and vibrational medicine for body, mind and spirit.

Over time, as the recognition of our existence as ‘vibrational beings’ percolates into the everyday consciousness of people around the world, we will be able to address many disease conditions before they even manifest into physical symptoms, and medicine will mainly deal with prevention, enhancing health, and dealing with accidents and physical trauma.

The role of ‘entrainment’ in physical, emotional and mental health will also grow.

The Global Coherence Project of the Heartmath Institute is doing fascinating research into this.

A growing body of evidence suggests that an energetic field is formed among individuals in groups through which communication among all the group members occurs simultaneously. In other words, there is an actual “group field” that connects all the members. (Coherence: Bridging Personal, Social and Global Health paper.)

One study demonstrated the effect of heart coherence in a group setting where people trained in maintaining states of heart coherence for several minutes could promote coherent states in untrained participants. (https://www.heartmath.org/research/global-coherence/).

It is good to ponder on the fact that information always passes in both directions. We are impacted by what is around us, but what is around us is affected by us too, including plants and even planets and stars. I read that the recent global meditation on April 4/5, when two million people came together for the largest ever group meditation, coincided with a spike in the Schumann resonance of Earth.³ Whether this was caused by the meditation, we do not know, but it seems likely that just as we are impacted by the Earth’s frequency, the impact also goes in the other direction, we just cannot measure this yet, or know how we might harness this ‘spiritual technology’ in the best way.

Traditional herbal wisdom states that the plants growing on your doorstep are often the ones you would benefit from taking, and that they may be growing there in response to an imbalance in the vibrational field. The experiments of Cleve Baxter, and the musical concerts with plants at Damanhur, clearly demonstrate that plants are very aware of us and our actions and sounds.

Based on this principle, new plants, algae and microorganisms might evolve to fill new ecosystem niches created by our behaviour on the planet. Already there are positive reports of algae and bacteria that are able to rapidly decompose plastic, and new materials being made from fungi and other plant materials.

We can also speculate, as does Michael Pollan in his book The Botany of Desire, that maybe we are being used by plants, or by Gaia herself for their own evolutionary advantage in ways that we can only imagine, and that depend on how big a view and how long a timeline we view things.

There will be a return to mystery in this future world. The awareness of the Quantum nature of existence, and of the infinite fractal patterns of creation will trigger a new sense of wonder. The awareness that life is the result of billions of cooperative actions will encourage a new age of creative invention founded on these ideas.

At last we will be able to directly tap into the energy of the universe itself, and no longer need fossil fuels, or even solar panels and batteries. Cooperation rather than competition will be the modus operandi that underlies new systems for the economy, politics and education to create a peaceful world, or in the words of author Charles Eisenstein “The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible”.

¹ An Example of this is the California Indians, as documented in the book Tending the Wild, by M.Kat Anderson. Another example is the evidence found with the Terra Preta soils in the Amazon forest. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terra_preta)

²Dr Vandana Shiva, One Planet, One Health – Connected through Biodiversity: From the forests, to our farms, to our gut microbiome.
The Vandana Shiva Blog, 18 March 2020 (https://navdanyainternational.org/one-planet-one-health-connected-through-biodiversity/)


In February of this year (2020) I began a professional diploma course in “Quantum Botanicals”. The course brings together science and spirituality to provide a foundation for an exploration of vibrational medicine, particularly flower and vibrational essences. I started making essences two years ago and the course is taking me deeper into this fascinating journey of plant communication, quantum physics, the nature of consciousness and the mind, and vibrational medicine.

I decided to post some of my assignments from the course on this Blog

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